Rina Hanumali

  • Graduation Year: 2027
  • Major(s): Biochemistry
  • Cluster(s): Cognition
  • Member Since: Spring 2024


Hi, I’m Rina Hanumali! I am a first-year biochemistry student on a pre-med track, and I will be graduating in 2027. I am planning on adding business and ethics minors as well. As someone from a bilingual household, I have always been curious as to how bilingualism affects people and their brains. Whenever I used to visit my family in India, I noticed how I would improve in non-English languages quickly because I had to adapt. I would love to learn more about how experiences with language relate to cognitive processing and adaptation abilities. In my free time, I like to read, crochet, and listen to music. On campus, I am also a part of RUIBAL, SAMOSA, and Pre-Med club.