Jake Caselli

  • Graduation Year: 2025
  • Major(s): Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Cluster(s): Cognition
  • Member Since: SP 2022
  • Recognitions: 2022 Match Fellow, 2023 VURF Fellow


My name is Jake Caselli, and I'm a member of the Villanova Class of 2025. I am a Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience major with intended minors in Medical Humanities and Business. As language is the fundamental element of human interaction, I'm interested in analyzing the cognitive mechanisms which underlie our ability to communicate with each other. I hope to investigate how we can so readily adapt to others' patterns of speech in social contexts and, in turn, how their differences in language influence our own. On campus, I'm also involved with Villanova Special Olympics and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Academic Reform Committee. A few of my hobbies include playing golf, hiking, watching sports, and listening to podcasts. Fun fact—I have a cat named Kit Kat!